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Trevor’s Top 10 Reading Experiences of 2015

Trevor Atwood /Dec 28, 2015

I say “reading experiences” instead of “books” because not every good reading experience means the book was great. Reading experiences have to do with what other books you are reading, what thoughts you are thinking, what your current life circumstances are at the time of the reading.
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Rock Star Dad

Trevor Atwood /Dec 23, 2015
Category: The Church

If you were listening to new music in the 90’s, you’ve heard the Stone Temple Pilot’s about 10,000 times. They were one of the most influential bands of the Alternative Rock movement. The Stone Temple Pilot’s lead singer, Scott Weiland led the stereotypical life of a rock star. Full of sex, drugs, a…
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Baby Jesus vs. The Death Shadow

Trevor Atwood /Dec 15, 2015
Category: The Church

We all resist the shadow of death. We all hate that we live in a world where we can’t avoid death and where it always feels like it comes too soon. This is why we can’t settle for a sentimental Christmas. This is why Jesus can’t just be a good teacher, or a moralistic fable that teaches us about hum…
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