G4 Groups

What is G4?

G4 is a free, volunteer-led, group-based counseling ministry built around two nine-step models of change. G4 provides a context for participants to invest a season of their life overcoming a life-dominating struggle of sin or suffering. With the support of their fellow group members, G4 participants work through a biblically based curriculum focused on their primary life struggle.


Weekly on Mondays at 6:30pm at City Church (815 Bridge Ave, Murfreesboro, TN 37129).

Contact Whitney at   for any questions.

Group Topics

Men's Sexual Integrity

Whether you struggle with habitual pornography or have walked through an affair, this group is designed with the help of community to point individuals away from sin and towards Christ. Learn truth, strategies, and experience grace as you pursue purity.

Women's Trauma

This group is for women who have found themselves suffering after a traumatic event in their life. No matter the nature of the trauma we desire to show you the comfort and healing that can be offered through the power of the Gospel. We seek to care through experience, understanding, and wisdom.


Begin to feel freedom from the burden of anxiety or depression. This group is designed to help individuals learn how the scripture can provide rest and reassurance that Christ is in control.

Codependency/Problems In Relationships

Do you struggle with allowing others decisions to dictate how you live your life? This group is meant to help individuals find freedom from living a life that is controlled by others through learning how Christ has created us to live healthily in community. We hope to help participants to understand and establish healthy boundaries.

Disordered Eating

This group is designed to help individuals walk through the steps of how to renew and gain a healthy relationship with food. Through the good news of the Gospel and various practical tools, learn how to both embrace your identity in Christ and fuel the life God has always intended for you.

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